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This life is love

Man comes to this world from the day begins, have entered the countdown to death.She is not afraid of death, because in this life can meet him, and his love in this life, you are holding hands mood?Even if he finally left, she can also be strong to survive.


When in college is the school famous rebellious girl, everyone stay at a respectful distance from sb.Although have a hope in her name in the word, but she never felt his own life and future is hopeful, because her parents often quarrel with each other in front of her when she was a child, always said that if it weren't for her existence, they can be free.In adult of that day of, the parents can't wait to divorced, leave a cost of living went out, and the adult is being abandoned, or no one wished that she came to this world.For various complex emotions, and gradually become cynical.


On this day, because school record greater than fighting, but she not care, but the teachers said she didn't tutor table flew into a rage when to shoot, lift, frighten the teachers leave quickly.To vent his anger after silent tears, when a voice said with a smile, "why so angry? Not worth for such an angry people and things, is it?"He looked up, turned out to be confronting another person Xi, and hope the bad girl is different, Xi is recognized as the school prince charming.See this man who laugh at your own anger rising again, but after seeing each other after passed lonely expression was silent.Both of them didn't speak, just silently looking at each other, a strange feeling in the minds of two people at this time the bud.


Since that day, two men seemed to produce a sympathy feelings, often contact each other.Two people closer, slowly became lovers.Graduation of that day of, Xi suddenly proposed to Mr Bush hesitated at first, but Xi said: "I want to be your sun, give you hope and light to you, give you warm."It is moved, this sentence agrees to marry the Xi.


Originally he also worry about Xi parents opposition, unexpectedly Xi and they have a similar experience, and more determined to with Xi.They work hard to make money, want to depend on our own efforts to establish a belong to their home, although the life and the work they are tired, but they feel the unprecedented happiness.This year, he accidentally learned that two people all made tai sui, this year has crowned Xi "wind fire will" pendant, but Xi declined, but the pendant to wear in the neck, also said that his knock on wood, no worry, also don't force him.


However, the sudden a disease killed Xi, let hope to see Xi nature ever and every other one last time.Heart of want to follow Xi, but she didn't do it, but to tidy up the mood to continue to work hard, strive for an early bought the house they have always wanted.Several years later, when he stood in the house belonged to her, she smiled and said to himself: "Xi, have you seen it? Our dream come true..."Recall Xi then, one day, she is not afraid of death, love not Xi, but she knew Xi don't want her to do such a foolish thing, so she chooses to work with numb yourself, efforts to achieve their common dream.


In this life, when going to a person living in the house, even the Xi a live together.A lot of people think she is doing this is silly, but she didn't feel, can with Xi this life love, hold the hand ask mood?Instead, she hopes to have a faster time, can let her as soon as possible and Xi together, never separate...

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