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Managed services

There are always questions about what that balance will look like coming out of the AWS re:Invent 2018 conference. In recent years, AWS has added more managed services, but it's also done more to support third parties and even carved out a stand-alone partner summit as part of the weeklong conference. Still, industry observers expect -- or at least hope -- to see AWS be more hands on.

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"They've always positioned it as, 'We've got this fabulous platform, and we've got partners that will help you integrate into it,'" said Melanie Posey, a 451 Research analyst. A new strategy, she said, may call for AWS to become more involved in integrations and professional services.

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Posey compared the arc of cloud adoption to a baseball season, saying it's just getting to the late stages of spring training. To meet the needs of those enterprises, AWS must offer a more finished product, she said.

There's also interest in greater ease of consumption. AWS has added features at a daunting pace for more than a decade, so it's probably a good time for the company to tidy up the catalog and make it easier to guide users through their options, Miller said.

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"Even for someone who is deeply expert in one area and knows all the options inside and out, they're going to get overwhelmed when they get to another piece of the puzzle," he said.

Users have welcomed many of the services AWS has added over the years, but there are concerns that it's done so at the expense of functionality for some of its core products.

CloudFormation's GUI looks like it was designed 15 years ago, said Brian Tarbox, lead cloud engineer at Cogito and a SearchAWS contributor. For example, users can view nested stacks but can't break that down to show only top-level stacks.

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"Just some of the basics," Tarbox said. "I understand they are going a mile a minute, and, in most places, they have done a remarkable job with all the cross-integration. But, it's like, guys, slow down and put just a little bit of work into your GUIs."

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